Our Homebuilder – Bambu Tico

Our Homebuilder – Bambu Tico


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A little about Bamboo


Bamboo is a well used building material in use for thousands of years.

Known as the “plant of thousand uses”, this wonderful plant is very versatile, flexible, and very strong. It has many many uses – construction, gardening, fishing, crafting, furniture, utensils to name just a few and can even be used as food source.

Bamboo plantations make an important contribution to the environment. It gives both long and short term benefits and it an excellent option for preserving hydrologic sources and at the same time it prevents and controls erosion.

As material for construction, it has very special characteristics because of its flexibility, strength and lightness. It is an ideal construction in earthquake prone areas becuase of its inherent strength. That is why some people say that “bamboo dances with the movement”. Besides that, this material is aesthetically beautiful and our bamboo houses are attractive, economic, and long lasting.

Of the most used bamboo species GADUA is well known because of its physico-mechanical properties. The DENDROCALAMUS ASPER is known by its diameters, hardness and fast growth. The other type is BAMBUSA MULTIPLEX which is applied for the formation of living fences or barriers against the wind, among other uses.


Our Homebuilder Bambu Tico


Bambu Tico, as a company that promotes the use of bamboo, has undertaken over the last decade a campaign of awareness about the need of preserving the environment using bamboo as a source to reforest those areas that have been destroyed by human intervention or by natural disasters which provoke floods, land slides among others.

We have seen that bamboo is the perfect ally to preserve the environment. Because of that, it is advisable to plant it in very deforested or unstable areas as well as at the edge of rivers to prevent floods.

Bambu Tico has been involved with bamboo plantations and bamboo construction in Costa Rica for the past decade. Their construction standards are second to none and they are the largest dedicated bamboo construction firm in Costa Rica

All Bambu Tico homes come with the experience of Bambu Tico and their guarantee of quality construction

Bambu Tico constructs not only homes, hotels and offices but is also trusted by the Government of Costa Rica in the construction of schools and community halls

See just some of Bambu Tico’s work in the pictures above

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