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Central Pacific Region

The Central Pacific Region is the most popular tourist region in Costa Rica. Its main towns being Jaco, Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio is home to the most visited National Park in Costa Rica. Although this park is the smallest National Park in Costa Rica it is by far and away the most popular becuase of its natural beauty and biological diversity.

Quepos is home to Marina Pez Vela, the largest marina on the Pacific coast south of Cabo San Lucas, and has been the home of the world Billfishing championships on multiple occasions.

Jaco is a cheerful bustling tourist town with all the facilities that come with this popular tourist destination.

The beach at Esterillos (between Jaco and Quepos) has hosted rounds of the world surfing championships on multiple occasions.

Inland from the coast there is lots of dense green jungle and a myriad of biodiverse plants and animals.



BambuEcoCasas at Naturewalk

Naturewalk is located inland from the Pacific Coast at an elevation of between 1,000 and 1,500 ft and is about 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean as the crow flies. The closest village is Pavona and the closest large town is Jaco.

The property is privately owned and the owners have decided to allow a limited number of homes to be built in order that others can experience the magnificence of this beautiful area. Located in a specatacular valley through which the Tulin river flows this valley acts as a passageway for wildlife and flora and fauna are abundant and varied throughout Naturewalk.

Naturewalk has a number of farming opertations with crops such as teak, papaya, tiquisque, ginger, pineapple, asian vegetables and vanilla grown on site

There is a teak sawmill and artisan teak furniture manufacturing facility – and your home can be fully decked out with teak furniture and fittings manufactured in Naturewalk from teak grown in and around Naturewalk

The launch homes are located on a series of large (1/2 acre plus) lots which front onto a public road for ease of access. These launch homes lots are the closest to the site of the communal bar / restaurant / pool.

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